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Stickmaking is My Hobby

Many years ago I was off work with a bad back, I was walking my dog through the woods and picked up a stick to help me walk. I looked on the internet and found an interesting blog on wood spirit sticks and how to carve them. I thought I would give it a go and to my surpirse I carved a stick that everyone liked.

Having always used a stick from the young age of 15 when working on Upton farm, part of the Upton House estate in Dorset I never thought I would be making traditional hand crafted shepherds crooks and carved horn sticks. After carving a lot more sticks I tried to find a local stick making club and joined the Hants and Dorset Stickmakers and there met my good friend Charlie Walker. I found the club really helpful when I first started with all the members offering advice. As an experienced maker myself, I now offer help and advice to the clubs new members. I am also a member of the British Stickmakers Guild and enter sticks in various national competitions.

I love making sticks. I love showing sticks.

I love selling sticks...but find it hard to let them go. Although it gives me a great deal of pleasure when I see the stick being used by a very happy customer and this website helps me with this so that I can continue my fantastic hobby.

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